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Get help improving your rabbits digestive health and help others to do the same by sharing your rabbits story!

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      • Stasis

        by david_sherwood

        Is your rabbit not eating? Does this happen often? Get help here and share your tips with others.

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      • Poop vs. Poop

        by Sara_Hettle_CVT

        Okay, I confess that I probably give more treats than I should and I've cut way down since my pre-Sherwood days. I have been noticing something lately though that I want to share. I have 10 house...

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      • Weight loss

        by Liette

        I have a 4 year old Flemish giant named patch and recently she has lost a lot of weight. She is blind in one eye and has joint damage from her previous owner. Is there anything I can do to help...

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      • Megacolon

        by david_sherwood

        This is a genetic disease that makes it more difficult for rabbits to form normal cecotropes. Instead they will form masses of misshaped cecotropes that don't get eaten. 

        This happens because...

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      • Rare Cecum Problem (cecolith)

        by jacquic

        Hi there! I volunteer at my local rabbit rescue and we have a bunny that has a rare issue with his cecum. I'm hoping that by posting this maybe someone else has heard of it or has experience with...

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      • chronic weight loss and stomach pain

        by solomon

        sorry in advance for my long sad posting my bunny harriet was a good weight when i adopted her (first half of june this year), and has gotten too thin since. she leans hard into your hand while...

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      • Quick question about Sherwood pellets

        by DianeK1969

        Me again! I'm finally getting our little Mocha (9 year old lop) transitioned to Sherwood pellets. I thought was was going slowly enough (I substituted about 1/3 of his usual heaping tablespoon),...

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      • Golden poops

        by Liette

        A friend of mine has bunny and 3 of them eat Oxbow. they all have light golden colored poops were my bunnies eating Sherwood have brown poops. My bunnies had golden colored poops on a poor quality...

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      • Ceacotropes

        by david_sherwood

        Does your bunny leave stinky uneaten cecotrophes laying around? These are different than regular poop which should be dry round balls.

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      • Gas and Bloating

        by david_sherwood

        Does your rabbit feel bloated or can you hear gas bubbles passing through their digestive tract? Often the 'stomach' (actually the intestines and cecum) will fill with air/gas and push out from...

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