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Get help improving your rabbits urinary health and help others to do the same by sharing your rabbits story.

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      • Sludge

        by david_sherwood

        While some urinary sludge is normal in rabbits it can quickly become a problem when too much of it is produced and it doesn't get flushed out from the bladder. Share your stories and get help...

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      • Back to square one with Jojo :(

        by DianeK1969

        Hello Dr. Sherwood, I had posted about 11 months ago on the sludge thread about Jojo. After almost a year of doing great, I noticed an increase in litter box visits, straining, and overall...

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      • Rabbit has UTI

        by amyinmn

        Hi šŸ° My rabbit Stella (1.5 y) has a probable UTI. She's been to the vet but was apparently dehydrated and they were unable to get a urine sample. She also was producing very few (and small) poop...

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      • Incontinence

        by david_sherwood

        Has your rabbit been missing the litter box lately? Do they have a wet bum that is stained with urine? Share your stories here.

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      • Urinary tract infections

        by david_sherwood

        Does your rabbit have a UTI (urinary tract infection)? When the bladder is infected with bacteria the change the urine and canĀ cause of severe sludge problems that are retained in the bladder so...

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      • Radiograph during stasis: sludge & gas

        by Sara_Hettle_CVT

        Buns is a cute little mini rex who tends to have stress-induced stasis events on occasion. Before switching to Sherwood pellets, she had a scary episode and was taken to her exotic vet for a full...

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      • Stones

        by david_sherwood

        Urinary stones are less common and can lead to more severe problems. Share your stories here.

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