Teeth and Dental health in Rabbits - Rabbits

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Dental problems often happen in rabbits due to improper diets. The early warning signs include elongated tooth roots that are growing deeper into the bone which has demineralized (become soft). Sometimes the tooth root can protrude into the nasal cavity and cause weepy eye or other problems. 

If the tooth roots cannot keep the tooth from shifting within the tooth socket then the tooth can become 'crooked'. A miss aligned tooth cannot wear properly because it doesn't meet up with the other teeth when chewing. This leads to tooth spurs (outgrowths of the tooth that are not worn down). Tooth spurs can cut the soft tissue in the mouth and allow infections (abscess) that are often treated with antibiotics. This is a more severe condition that will require grinding by a competent rabbit dental vet... often on a regular basis. In very severe cases the offending tooth is often removed.

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