New to Sherwood - Rabbit Transformation Stories

Here you can post and see transformation stories of bunnies switching to the Sherwood Pet Health diet plan.

Share your bunnies story by clicking the green "+ add a new thread" button. Share the name and a picture of your rabbit and their story!

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      • Possible Upcoming Hay Shortage?

        by debbie

        Hello everyone ~ this has been on my mind for a while now and in case this has not crossed your mind, you may want to think about it and act now. As most of us know, the mid West has been...

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      • continental giant protein needs?

        by Jumpy

        Hi, I just got a continental giant at 9 weeks old and have her with my mini lop. The mini lop has been eating sherwood pellets with protein at 14%. I have been reading on the net that giants need...

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      • Last post by david_sherwood

      • Kalua

        by Kaluasmom

        Kalua is just a baby bunny - I've had her just about a month now, so she's almost 12 weeks okay. In the last month she's gained almost a pound! she's a holland lop mix and she's just oh so...

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      • Wilfred

        by tracy_knowles

        Sherwood pellets smell great and Wilfred loves them. He used to not eat his pellets well, but now he enjoys them as much as he enjoys organic craisins. And that’s saying A LOT. His weight is...

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      • Last post by kimhoay

      • Goliath's New Food

        by amiee1879

        Hi there! I have a 2.5 year old Holland Lop, he was adopted from a breeder who was feeding a mix of different pellets. When we brought him home almost 2 years ago after the 'starter food' ran...

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      • Girls new food

        by Liette

        All of my rabbit used to eat Manna Pro and were not very healthy. then I found Sherwood and after seeing what it did for my guinea pigs I put my 7 rabbits on it they Are all very healthy and look...

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      • Poppy & Hazel

        by mom2twinsX2

        When I brought home my two sweet bunnies, Hazelnut & Poppyseed I was thrilled to be a bunny mama! I soon became concerned as I noticed they were leaving sticky little bundles all around. I...

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      • Last post by david_sherwood

      • Hay Monsters!

        by rabbitrabbit

        I've now been feeding my rabbits Sherwood Adult Professional for about 11 months. They all took to it right away, no transition concerns. Since they all came through a local shelter their eating...

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      • Happy Bunnies at last !!

        by Lori

        I have a Licensed NJ Rabbit rescue,, Tribbles is our name, with approx 6o bunnies,, The numbers change constantly since I spay/neuter the healthy buns and adopt them out, surrender and dumped...

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      • Last post by Sara_Hettle_CVT

      • Sherwood Rabbit Pellets Changed Everything

        by jdnelson

        My bunny Angus struggled - like a lot - every day - with poopy butt. I tried the papaya pills from Sherwood and he loved them - but it didn't really help. They transformed my daughter's dwarf...

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