New to Sherwood - Guinea Pig Transformation Stories

Here you can post and see transformation stories of piggies switching to the Sherwood Pet Health diet plan.

Share your guinea pigs story by clicking the green "+ add a new thread" button. Share the name and a picture of your guinea pig and their story!

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      • Oliver and Oscar on Sherwood Pellets

        by bearsfanbrett

        Oliver and Oscar are about 4 to 4.5 months old. I started Oliver and Oscar on Sherwood Pellets on November 5th. I started them cold turkey and they ate a little bit of it the first week but not...

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      • Last post by BoxersMom

      • Sherwood pallets.

        by Piggie-mom

        I just received my order this morning of the Sherwood pallets and vitamins etc... I started my piggies on it right away. They are not eating it. While I realize they might not take to it right...

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      • Last post by Piggie-mom

      • Reese and Twix

        by Rose

        I have 4 boars and was so happy to find products with healthy ingredients. My guys are doing well on the adult Guinea pig food.

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      • Last post by david_sherwood

      • Charlotte and Jitterbug

        by kailaeve

        My guinea pigs had constant sludge, calcium deposits, bad poops, hair falling out and smelly litter boxes on the most used, highly recommended brands. I was sick of my poor young piggies having...

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