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  • [deleted] wrote

    Hi,my buggy Malone is 5 ,as has a poopy butt at least 3x a week.he only eat Oxford matter how many different types of hey,he will not eat it...I do give him.   dandelions and clover and also some flowers,but he does love my biritch tree,leaves and branch's but that is in the the winter he will get all ki n d's of herbs..  so what is the problem?  Lizl . 

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

    Hi there, I'm sorry for the delayed response- I hope you still see this! I'm sorry to hear Buggy Malone gets poopy butt. I had the same issues with my Zen & Diggs before I tried Sherwood pellets (and cut down on veggies). I think you will see an amazing difference very quickly by simply switching to a grain/soy free food. This will help their digestive system in a couple ways 1) Bad bacteria thrives on the grain, soy, sweeteners and things like greens and can quickly outnumber and takeover, the slower more beneficial bacteria that breakdown hay. 2) Balance the diet & create less protein waste (this can also lead to a nasty urine smell & excess cecotropes (taste will also be off which makes them less inclined to eat them). I recommend trying a diet of only water, 1st or 2nd cut grass hay and Sherwood pellets; see how it goes, I think you will be amazed at the changes. This worked for Zen, Diggs and my guinea pig Shrimp, who all had a poopy mess!

  • cindympearson wrote


    My sweet little Pixie is a 5 month old Holland Lop. She has been on unlimited pellets  (Modesto Milling Organic Rabbit), Oxbow Western Timothy Hay, and Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay. In recent weeks she has developed intermittent "poopy butt" which cleared up with the elimination of pellets and a tooth trim (had not realize her teeth were overgrown). She was also treated for a light case of Fur Mites with an application of Revolution. The vet (rabbit specialist) advised adding pellets back, and begin introducing fresh greens. She was doing much better, but I noticed that she was sitting in the litter box for extended periods and her urine had become quite sludgy. Yesterday I started her on a hay & water fast. She is eating more hay and drinking more water already, but tonight she has a poopy butt for the first time in two weeks. She is still producing nice poop pellets.

    I recently discovered Sherwood products; Adult Rabbit Timothy Blend Pellets, Urinary Support, and Digestive Support are arriving tomorrow. Please advise on the best course forward given the combination of digestive and urinary issues.

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

     thank you so much for sharing your story with us! I had a very similar situation with two of my rabbits when I switched! Its great you are starting out on the hay fast, it should definitely help flush her body of sludge and it sounds like her cecum as well. It should also help make the transition easier, but please let us know if you need help, my rabbits were easy but my guinea pigs took a bit of time to adjust, and we are here to help. I would start by offering the food in a free feed manner- all she can eat. She may eat a lot in the beginning, but this is common when they are filling any "nutrition gaps" and should slow down after that. After I started my rabbits on the pellets, I never did another butt bath, so I hope this goes for you as well. I would not re-introduce any greens until you no longer see any sludge (hopefully soon if not already because of the hay fast) and until you know the digestive issues have ceased. You don't ever have to offer greens, because the food is nutritionally balanced to offer everything she needs along with hay, but if you do, I would keep it to a small treat sized amount (or this can lead to bacterial overgrowth, cut down on water intake etc). You may not even need the digestive or urinary tabs, but I love using these for a treat each day for peace of mind and because I know they are healthy and most of my guys go crazy for them. If you are still having issues  after a week on the food, she may have a motility issue like my Wilbur does (hes a Megacolon bunny) and then the digestive tabs would be great. You shouldn't see much sludge at all on just the pellets and hay, its geared to preventing these issues, but please let us know if you do. We are here to help! You are doing a great job- and please feel free to let me know if I've only confused you further! :)

  • cindympearson wrote

    Thanks for responding. The hay fast worked wonders! I'll introduce the Adult Pellets tomorrow and monitor digestive & urinary symptoms.

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

    Thats great news! I hope the pellets go over well!

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