Poop vs. Poop

Okay, I confess that I probably give more treats than I should and I've cut way down since my pre-Sherwood days. I have been noticing something lately though that I want to share. I have 10 house rabbits, all on either the Regular or Pro pellets, 2nd cut timothy hay and they get some treats in the morning to include either a little piece of lettuce or parsley, and a 1/4 slice of either carrot or banana. This is not much at all in my mind, but one of the rabbits has been standing out lately. His name is Nox and he doesn't really seem too interested in greens or sweets. He gets about 3 tbs of Pro pellets along with unlimited hay. His wife Bumble is a very petite, healthy girl who tends to eat his share of treats along with her own. Both are binky and zoomie extraordinaires, but their poop is very different from each other. You can noticeably see how big (and he is a bit bigger than her), light and hay filled his poop is next to her smaller, darker poop. Maybe there is more to this greens thing because his poop always looks the best in the house. Some of this size difference is to be expected, Nox is 6.1lbs and Bumble is 4.5lbs, but still a world of difference.


  • Piggie-mom wrote

    Nox and Bumble are so sweet together😊 if that’s poop it looks healthy pallets can’t tell the difference although I don’t have rabbits... however my piggies differ in size as well one is bigger poops are bigger. The smaller piggy poops are smaller both males. The bigger one though eats more than the other. I’m thinking it may be size of rectum 🤔

  • david_sherwood wrote

    If Bumble will forgive you try cutting out all treats and feed only hay and pellets for at least 10 days and then take another picture for comparison. 
    ps. I love the picture of Nox and Bumble cuddling together!

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