continental giant protein needs?

Hi, I just got a continental giant at 9 weeks old and have her with my mini lop. The mini lop has been eating sherwood pellets with protein at 14%. I have been reading on the net that giants need protein to be at 16%. What should I do? They both are great together and won't be separated.


  • Liette wrote

     is she eating the baby food? Maybe put the mini lop in a crate or smaller cage when you feed them. I have a Holland lop that lives with 6 Flemish girls and that’s  what I do

  • Liette wrote

    Because she is a giant I would wait till she is at least 6 months old before you spay her. I had a friend who spayed a Flemish at 4 months and it stunted her growth. She only weighs 12 pound when her intact sister weighs 18 pounds. Her is a picture of her sister Luna 

  • debbie wrote

    Hi ~ I would consult with Dr. Sherwood.

  • Jumpy wrote

    Looks like it may be ok to give mini lops the 16% protein pellets. I would rather her eat the sherwood product, but I can't separate them when I feed pellets because they don't eat them all at once. How do I contact Dr. Sherwood?

  • Liette wrote

     message her on here to contact him

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

     Hi there, I will make sure Dr Sherwood jumps on the forum to help you and your new baby out!

  • david_sherwood wrote

     I'm glad you're thinking about proper nutrition because it really matters... both in the long term and in the short term. Regarding protein needs... the simple answer is to feed only 1st or 2nd cut grass hay and Sherwood pellets according to the directions (blue bag feed free choice - feed red bag if they are great hay eaters and give only a measured amount with free choice hay) and nothing else. The reasons for this are explained in the Sherwood University 

    The difference between a 14% pellet and a 16% pellet is usually more of the same low-quality protein that isn't used very efficiently. You can know this is happening because it leads to urine odor (ammonia smell in fresh urine). Sherwood's 14% protein provides more effective quality protein than even the 18% protein pellets. You'll see a real difference in the softness of the fur and better muscle gain and body fat loss. Again - see the university for more details. I'd also love to talk about any topic you'd like to discuss further.

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