Guinea pig losing some size without losing weight, then lost weight

I gradually switched over to Sherwood pellets. We have two guinea pigs, one still growing into adulthood and the other an adult and a bit overweight looking.

They did not like the Sherwood pellets as much. I am wondering if the other brand had sugar or other ingredients to make it hyper-palatable so they would eat more? At first they threw a little tantrum and stomped around but they adjusted to the Sherwood food.

They used to be able to eat 3-4T per day of the other pellets. They only eat about 1T of Sherwood. If I give them more they leave it. I don't know if that is because they don't like it, or maybe they were over-eating the other brand and their appetite is better regulated now.

The younger pig has continued to grow and seems to be plateauing at his adult weight. The overweight pig was looking a bit trimmer. I wish that I had measured her circumference because she looks a lot trimmer. But her weight did not change until last week she lost about 30g from the week before. This is ok because she was probably overweight by more than that.

I read one one part of this site that guinea pigs can have bloating or inflammation in their digestive tract so possibly she lost size without losing weight due to better digestion. I will continue to track her weight.

Her vet told us that she was overweight and needed more exercise which I found totally unhelpful because she gets a lot of floor time and she will be as active as she wants to be.


  • Piggie-mom wrote

    my 2 Boars the same thing, it  took a good 2 month to developer a taste for the Sherwood palettes with much help from me through syringe feeding every day till they started eating it on Their own in fact they just started eating 1T each and maybe now sometimes a little more. My smaller one lost 2 ounces and just now is getting back to where hw was before. The bigger lost as well but since than he’s back to normal fluctuates by 1 ounce.
    Dr Sherwood explained that the Sherwood palettes are dence in nutrients that they probably don’t need to eat more. And yes the other foods such as the Oxbow palettes have the fillers +molasses. Which is high in calories!

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

     piggie-mom is spot on! They should also lose fat and gain healthy muscle on Sherwood which is why you may not see a big weight loss. Do they seem to have any more energy than they used to?

  • rblumen wrote

    Our pig has always been pretty bouncy and in good spirits.  I can't say that she has any more energy than before, but I think that the excess weight was getting in the way of her moving around a bit.

  • rblumen wrote

    update: after a couple more weeks the guinea pig began losing weight as well.  The other guinea pig on the same diet has maintained his weight.   I became concerned about her weight because she started to feel a bit thin.  I switched them to 50% Oxbow and 50% Sherwood and her weight stabilized.  Unfortunately the Oxbow has soy and sobybean oil which I consider harmful.  I will give the 100% Sherwood another try in a bit.

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

     I'm sorry about their weight-loss, I definitely know how nerve racking that is. Did you try the 10% oats to 90% pellets (may need to powder them if they just pick them out). That has helped a few picky eaters eat a bit more? Have you tried the SARx treats? We will definitely brainstorm some more, it we need to!

  • rblumen wrote

    we have some oat hay which we feed them a bit.  I have been told that it is rich and promotes weight gain.  We could try the Sherwood with some oat hay and see if the girl maintains her weight.

  • Sara_Hettle_CVT wrote

     oat hay is something I give as a treat hay, a little blended into their timothy. Crazily though, I actually meant raw oats themselves- oatmeal. This can lead to weight gain as well, but this is very little oats and only on a temporary basis to get them eating more pellets.

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